lunes, 8 de febrero de 2010

1st of January

We started the day by going into clases at UL, it was the first time the St. Philip grouop and the Villegas, Vocacional, etc. met. The St. philip group went on tour around UL while the others attended clases. At lunch time we sat all together, to enjoy our meals, wich we had been waiting for. After lunch we went into a classroom to prepare the questions we were going to ask to Jan O'Sullivan, the MP. When we had finished, we got into a bus that drove us to the city. There we splitted up in two groups, the ones who were going to the interview with the MP and the ones who were staying at the centre to do some shopping. At around 5.30, we met in the bus and returned home for dinner. Once dinner was over, we went into the Sports Arena to do somo sports. Nearly all the boys went on playing rugby, while the other boys went on either gym or swimming pool. At around 10.30 we all went home for a good night sleep. This was the report from Franco, Agustin and Matias.

domingo, 7 de febrero de 2010

jueves, 4 de febrero de 2010

2nd February

Report on the second of February.Today we travel to Cork. First we met some Irish students, and we showed our Argentinian culture, some tango steps, Argentinian football acompanied with some Dulce de Leche and alfajores.
Later on, we had lunch in the city centre, which was very nice by the way. After that, we did some shopping and returned to Limerick to have dinner with our family.

31st January

On 31st of January the bigger group had lunch at home, with their families. Later in the afternoon most of the boys went to the Sports Arena and played football with some french, spanish and arabian guys. Guido went to a strange forest and to Bunratty Castle with his host family, the nice french girl who's staying with them and our chinese friend, the one who is always in her yellow coat. They sang some Britney spears' songs the small boy taught them and had great fun. Most of the girls went to the UL and just walked around, because they had nothing to do. They went to see the boys, who were playing football but they got bored and decided to go to Mc donalds. Marina and Mariana went to the city centre and, of course, spent a long time in Penneys, their favourite place in the world.Later, at 8 pm, we all met in at the UL, but as both pubs were closed, we went to Mc Donalds again. The smaller group arrived to the Madrid airport at 4 pm. We had to wait until 6.30 in the morning to open the door were they registrate everything.When finally the doors opened we went into the plane. At 11 pm in the morning we arrived to London (gatwick) and there we waited until 2 am, when we took the flight to Ireland.We ate there and we watched Federer Vs Murray (Australian open). Federer, who is much better, won in three sets.When we arrived to Ireland we went to the University, where our families were waiting for us, and we all went to our homes.

28th January

Today we had classes in te University. The first thing we do was to look for infotmation about Connemara. After that we slipt into 3 groups and we had to record a movie.After lunch we practised the presentations from Argentina, that we are going to show a school tomorrow. We rehearsed the songs too.In the evening we had dinner with the families.

27th January

Today, at morning we met at the UL, in the Language centre. We had classes like everyday and we’ve been told to make a movie, and the groups were selected by the teacher, some students convinced her to put some together. Then the teacher told us to discuss about the script, characters and the scenes, after 45 minutes discussing we went into another classroom in the building with other foreign students, in the class they were 8 French people, 2 Spanish, 1 Japanese, and an Arabic person, All of them, studying English, we talked about Irish people and costumes and we arranged a soccer match at Sunday. Later we met an Irish student, we asked her some questions and we got back in the classrooms to compare ideas. After the lunch we, like at 3:00pm we waited for the bus 45 minutes and after 1 hour trip we arrived to Limerick centre. There Fernando gave me and Eugenia our Photo tasks, which included from hugging random people to “Kill Each Other”. Our group got divided, some people gone to see a politician, others went shopping, and others just walked around asking for strange pictures (Me!). In the centre everything (except mobiles) was cheap. Afterwards almost everyone was angry because we couldn’t buy nothing the sportswear it’s extremely cheap.
After the time lapse we’ve been given we had to go back to the agreed corner, just in front the clock shop we were amazed about the prize, and I repeat, extremely angry. We had the dinner together after Fernando advised our families, after dinner we took the bus back to the UL for a spiritual session with African drums with what I prefer to call “Hippie”, in which we played drums, following the hippie and having fun, untill everything got to “Religious”, they switched all the lights and they were sending the dead drumer spirit to the “Heaven”. That was pretty extreme for all of us. After the spiritual session, we entred in “the Stable” a local pub in the UL, where the Manchester United was playing against the Manchester City, a soccer classic, it was the “Rematch” the Man. City had an adventage, but in the last 2 minutes, 7 minutes after the tie of the Man. Utd. In the last 3 minutes, the manchester united did the victory goal and the pub gone crazy with beer and drunk irish people everywhere, after this incredible experience, the ones who could, joined me on my journey back to home.

martes, 2 de febrero de 2010

Tuesday 26th

Report of January 26 by Remigio Abadi and Franca Gorrini

Today on tuesday 26th, we dance and practice tango on the morning, then we have
a lunch at the university, with our group. On the afternoon, we offer some irish
people tipical foods from argentina like dulce de leche and mate in change to do some tasks with the people at the student 's centre .
we really have fun an enjoyed a lot our second day at the UL! ,