lunes, 8 de febrero de 2010

1st of January

We started the day by going into clases at UL, it was the first time the St. Philip grouop and the Villegas, Vocacional, etc. met. The St. philip group went on tour around UL while the others attended clases. At lunch time we sat all together, to enjoy our meals, wich we had been waiting for. After lunch we went into a classroom to prepare the questions we were going to ask to Jan O'Sullivan, the MP. When we had finished, we got into a bus that drove us to the city. There we splitted up in two groups, the ones who were going to the interview with the MP and the ones who were staying at the centre to do some shopping. At around 5.30, we met in the bus and returned home for dinner. Once dinner was over, we went into the Sports Arena to do somo sports. Nearly all the boys went on playing rugby, while the other boys went on either gym or swimming pool. At around 10.30 we all went home for a good night sleep. This was the report from Franco, Agustin and Matias.

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